I’m a screenwriter, novelist, and playwright.

I love to tell stories of fantasy, for both children and adults, that challenge societal and social norms.  My heroes are typically those invisible to and /or defined by society.


The Girl Who Could See

Genre: urban fantasy, middle-grade, coming-of-age

Status: agent interested, semi-finalist in Amazon.com/Penguin Books 2010 “Breakthrough Novel Award” contest


While sitting on a rock in Central Park, wrapped in his mother’s arms, six year-old Peter evaporated into thin air.  Nineteen years later, Peter’s mother, Matilda, has earned a reputation among Central Park goers as the “rock lady”.  She roams about, making notes on discarded water bottle labels, and stuffing bits of hair or dirt into plastic bags.  She works, tirelessly, methodically.  She hasn’t been home in over a decade.  Neither have her friends.  Slowly, they’ve found each other and formed a family, all united by the disappearances of their loved ones.  By day, the hundreds scavange the city for clues, and record witnessed disappearances.  By night, the hundreds retreat underground, for updates, for comfort.  But no one notices.  New Yorkers are far too busy to consider such people, such claims; they’re worrying about jobs, worrying about money, worrying about the country; desperately wishing and desperately envying, especially the rich and famous.  The timing is ripe for Juliette Poole – the icon, the idol – to return to Central Park and the Delacorte Theater stage, and for her daughter Diana – the beauty, the bigger talent – to share the stage with her.  The two worshipped women haven’t a clue; they’re set to evaporate next.  The disappearances play no favorites, and the disappearances continue, unrelenting and unsolved.  Until they hit a glitch.  They meet their match, in a shy, slightly spotty, knobby-kneed girl named Aisling.  Aisling doesn’t come from anywhere, and she never knows where she’s going.  Her family has moved twenty-one times, and she’s not even eleven yet.  Plagued by her family’s constant money worries and secrets no one will tell her, Aisling plods along, trails behind, invisible.  But during a visit to New York City, Aisling discovers Matilda’s rock.  Matilda discovers Aisling.  Both discover that Aisling can see everyone who’s ever disappeared.


Into the Blue (one-act)

Status: in development with The Cry Havoc Company


In a snow-stranded house, two estranged lovers finally face their life – after death.

Jerry and the Dyke (one act)

Status: early drafting

Synopsis: Thirty seconds after his death, Jerry Fallwell stumbles into a gay bar with no memory of how he got there.  When the friendly lesbian bar owner, She Who Is, helps him unravel the mystery – his world changes forever.

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