I’m a screenwriter and producer.

In 2009, I founded the production company Charlotte Stories.

We tell stories of women who’ve been banished to silent shadows, overlooked and off-handedly defined by others because they’re “different”.

Taking a cue from Charlotte in Charlotte’s Web, our heroines come out from the shadows, weave their own stories, and thereby define themselves.




Short Films

“Two” marks CS’s first project, produced in collaboration with Believe, Limited.


Sara has two vaginas. She’s never been intimate with anyone…except her pillow. But when love peeks through her window (literally), Sara will find the courage to reveal herself.

This romantic comedy is the first to give voice to women with uterus didelphys. As edgy as it is moving, “Two” weaves a poignant tale about finding love and being loved for who you truly are.

Official Site

Official Selections:

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Feature Films

“Face” will mark CS’s first feature film.  It is currently in development.


In the rural conservative Bible Belt, a beloved pastor dies, a bishop makes a mistake, and two families–the departed pastor’s and the new pastor’s–are thrown together under the same roof.  As they struggle to live, serve, and grieve within a claustrophic space, the teenage daughters of each family–Anna and Mary–find a liberating friendship.  And, to their shock … they fall in love.

This film gives voice to “preacher’s kids”. Told through their eyes, the story shows how Christian fundamentalism and homophobia can erode families and young people, particularly those families and young people serving the Christian church itself.

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