I’m a character actor with a legit soprano voice.

I play quirky, odd, set-apart souls who often have a secret about their identity.  I specialize in broad comedy, dialects, classic drama and edgy independent films.

I love Shaw, Shakespeare & Chekov, Altman, Nichols & Daldry.  I especially love developing new work, whether it be play, musical, or film.


You can view it here.

Director Recommendations

Kari is a joy to work with. Smart, playful, and inventive. She takes direction well and is very expressive – she’s able to do a lot work with only a look.” –Zach Carver, Director of “Sweet Virginia”

“Kari Morris was an incredible delight to work with on “ATTACKAZOIDS, DEPLOY!!” She came into the role of Ms. Ruthers, devoted homemaker to support the Giant Robot Army of Attackazoids, with such great enthusiasm. Her performance always gets a laugh from me and from the audience. I know for an actor, to perform in front of a green screen can be a challenge, but Kari faced it head on and gave it her all.  I would be happy and honored to work with her again in the future.” –Brian Lonano, Director of “Attackazoids, DEPLOY!”, Robot Hand Films

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